Our Management

Founder, Chairman

Khalid Parekh

Founder, Chairman & CEO, AMSYS Group
Khalid brings with him 15 Years of excellence based on the principles of integrity, honor and mutual gain. He believes in making decisions based on the past and for the future, always keeping in mind the prosperity of the AMSYS Family, be it the employees, clients or partners.
Chief Strategy Officer, AMSYS Group

Aman Quadri

Chief Strategy Officer, AMSYS Group
With deep interest in Blockchain, Healthcare, Emerging Tech, and Digital Assets, Aman is a connector by nature. He believes that success comes from the people around us, and so loves to be surrounded with the top talent who can help AMSYS Clinic to achieve its goals.
General Manager, AMSYS Heart

Kevin Mayes

General Manager, AMSYS Heart & Diabetes Clinic
With over 20 years experience in product management and service design, Kevin has a passion for creating extraordinary customer experiences in the healthcare ecosystem. He believes that the AMSYS Heart & Diabetes Clinic’s focus on patients and their family members is central to changing the course of diabetes, obesity and heart disease in India.