Integrated Approach​

We believe in overall holistic care and not just disease management! Our mission is to provide the most advanced and evidenced-based clinical treatment plans to people with diabetes, heart disease, and related conditions. And to enable this, we follow an integrated approach that includes the following steps.

Assessment of risk

You may not consider the possibility of having diabetes or heart disease while you are in 30s. But you could be at risk! In India nearly 10% people live with a condition called ‘Pre-diabetes’ and almost 19% of young adults have high BP. We assess your risk of diabetes as well as heart disease based on your blood test readings and other parameters such as body weight, family history, and others.

Accurate diagnosis

Early detection is the key to right treatment and even prevention of complications. Accurate and rapid diagnosis through visible symptoms, physical assessment, and laboratory testing is critical. We therefore offer all aspects of diagnosis in our clinic setting. Our pathology lab is equipped with the right testing devices and well-trained technicians to perform all the diagnostic tests efficiently and quickly. And most results are available the same day as sample collection.

Expert consultation

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it is best to start your treatment plan immediately. Our on-staff Diabetologist and Cardiologist collaboratively prescribe evidence-based treatments that include the best and most affordable medications, non-intrusive procedures, diet and wellness plans, and reliable referrals to other physicians or facilities for more advanced needs. Find out more about our experts here

Screening of co-morbidities

Heart disease and diabetes often present complications related to other vital organs such as brain, eyes and kidneys. Therefore, we also have expert visiting nephrologist, neurologist, and ophthalmologist consultants on our team. We provide appropriate treatment for these co-morbidities as part of your overall integrated plan of care.

Assessment of complications

People with diabetes are at high risk of developing complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, foot ulcers, and stroke. If detected at early stage, the consequences of these complications can be prevented. Therefore, we offer dilated eye check-ups, foot assessments by a specialist, carotid artery (neck vessel) tests, ambulatory blood pressure check-ups, and other important tests that help to assess the risk of complications.

Diet counselling

Medical experts have long recognized the effects of healthy diet in reduction of risk for diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle disorders. Since we believe in 360-degree care for any condition, counselling for diet change is an integral part of our treatment plan.

Exercise advice

Being physically active is another important aspect of healthy lifestyle change. Lifestyle interventions like exercise and healthy diet can reduce HbA1c by 1%–2%, improve serum cholesterol levels and facilitate weight management. Our experts therefore recommend prescribed exercise in the treatment plan.

Stress reduction

Stress is one of the most important contributing factors for development of lifestyle illnesses. Being under a lot of stress for a long period of time, can trigger several health issues. Unfortunately, our lives are full of tension and stress. We offer healthy and practical stress management strategies that can be used at home, work, or even while traveling.