High Cholesterol​

In India, nearly 25-30% people living in cities and 15-20% people from rural are reported to have high cholesterol. Abnormalities in lipid levels, which indicates High LDL (bad cholesterol), Low HDL (good cholesterol) and High Triglycerides is a risk factor for heart disease. High cholesterol is associated with increase in unhealthy lifestyles habits such as smoking and tobacco use, intake of unhealthy diets and increasing sedentary lifestyle. All these factors contribute to the rising burden of non-communicable diseases, especially chronic heart disease.

Unfortunately, studies have found that although the prevalence of high cholesterol is rising in India there is very limited knowledge about the benefit of lifestyle changes and other treatment. And, so there is a need for better clinic-based management of high cholesterol in India. The management of high cholesterol can be done with improved treatment approaches as well as patient empowerment for lifestyle changes.

High cholesterol treatment approach at AMSYS Clinic

AMSYS Clinic aims to provide evidenced-based integrated treatment for high cholesterol. Our holistic treatment approach also follows the latest guidelines for management of high cholesterol.

1. Accurate diagnosis

  1. High cholesterol cannot be identified based on symptoms as it produces none.
  2. A blood test called Lipid Profile reveals levels of Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
  3. The frequency of blood test depends on your age, risk factors and family history of high blood cholesterol.

Healthy Blood Cholesterol Levels, by Age and Sex

DemographicTotal CholesterolNon-HDLLDLHDL
Age 19
or younger
Less than 170 mg/dlLess than 120 mg/dlLess than 100 mg/dlMore than 45 mg/dl
Men age 20
or older
125 to 200 mg/dlLess than 130 mg/dlLess than 100 mg/dl40 mg/dl or higher
Women age 20 or older125 to 200 mg/dlLess than 130 mg/dlLess than 100 mg/dl50 mg/dl or higher


At AMSYS Clinic, your lipid-profiling is done at our in-house pathology lab with results obtained on the same day.

2. Consultation with a senior Cardiologist

  • If you have high cholesterol, you need to start with lifestyle changes such as reduced intake of fats, regular exercise, weight loss and absenteeism from smoking.
  • If lifestyle changes alone do not help, you may also be recommended lipid lowering medications.

At AMSYS Clinic, you get treatment from an expert doctor who is a Senior Interventional Cardiologist and has been practicing Interventional Cardiology for 25 years. Our experts recommend healthy lifestyle changes before starting you on the medications. AMSYS Clinic also focuses on identifying your risk for diabetes that co-exists with high cholesterol and offers holistic treatment.

3. Assessment of co-morbidity

  • People who have high cholesterol also commonly have diabetes.
  • It is therefore important to check blood sugar levels if you have an abnormal lipid profile.

At AMSYS Clinic, we have an in-house pathology lab where you can get your blood sugar tested along with complete lipid profile. Our experts recommend treatment for both the conditions in a holistic way.

4. Lifestyle change counselling

  • Lifestyle changes with respect to diet, exercise, weight reduction, and smoking cessation is the first step in your treatment programme.
  • Adhering to lifestyle changes can help to reduce the dose of medications and better treatment outcomes.

At AMSYS Clinic, our experts put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle changes and recommend diet & exercise routine as a part of your prescription. Our expert dietician helps you with heart heathy diet plan based on your current lifestyle.