High Blood Pressure​

High Blood Pressure (BP) also known as hypertension is a health condition in which the force of blood flow on the artery wall is high. Hypertension may not always show specific symptoms, but when left uncontrolled it can lead to heart disease. This is the reason you must regularly get your BP checked. People who have diabetes, high cholesterol, are overweight or have kidney problems often tend to have high BP. In addition, other factors such as pregnancy, smoking habits, increased age also puts you at risk of developing high BP.

High blood pressure in young people

There is a common misconception that only elderly people develop hypertension. However, several studies report that people as young as 18 years, too can have BP. Recently an Indian study reported that almost 19% of young adults aged 18 to 39 years have high BP out of which only 15 % were on treatment. 

According to the recent guidelines management of hypertension must include lifestyle interventions as primary treatment, with consideration of BP lowering medications only in adults who are at risk of heart disease or stroke. The BP goal also varies based on age, health status, and presence of co-morbidities.

High blood pressure treatment approach at Amsys clinic

At Amsys clinic we offer integrated approach for treatment of high BP. As per the latest treatment guidelines we follow a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes for BP control, BP lowering medications, and treatment of co-morbidities, all of which is taken care at place.

1. Assessment of risk

  • Increased age, male gender, or family history are non-modifiable risk factors of high BP.
  • But, lifestyle risk factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy eating patterns, overweight, smoking, etc are modifiable.

At Amsys clinic we assess the risk factors that can increase your chances of high BP. Since high BP is common in people with diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and kidney disease, each patient visiting clinic with these conditions is assessed for risk of high BP.

2. Accurate diagnosis

As per the latest guidelines the BP diagnosis is done as follows,

 Systolic BP (mm Hg)  Diastolic BP (mm Hg)BP category
Less than 120  Less than 80Normal 
 120-129  Less than 80   Elevated BP
 130-139  80-89  Stage 1 Hypertension  
140 or more   90 or moreStage 2 Hypertension  
180 or more  120 or more   Hypertensive crisis

At Amsys we take simple yet critical actions before and during measurements for accurate in-office measurements. We also recommend patients to monitor their own BP at home.

3. Expert consultation

At Amsys clinic our expert cardiologists put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle changes to control BP. You get counselling with respect to diet, physical activity, and other healthy habits. Based on the diagnosis of your BP reading and other co-morbidities, you may also be prescribed some BP lowering medications.

4. Screening of co-morbidities

High BP can be a consequence as well as risk factor for conditions like diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease. Since we follow an integrated approach, your consultation also includes assessment of co-morbid conditions that increase BP.

5. Lifestyle change counselling

Lifestyle change is the first step in management of BP. Our doctors may recommend special DASH diet plan that emphasises on eating more fruits, vegetables, less salt and fats. You may also need to increase your physical activity, manage weight, and get involved in stress reducing activity.

At Amsys you can get individualised diet plan from our expert dietician. We also conduct yoga sessions and other stress-management activities.