According to World Health Organization reports, in India about 8.7% people in the age group of 20 and 70 years are living with diabetes. This rising prevalence can be attributed to factors such as rapid urbanization, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, tobacco use and, high mental stress. Diabetes is termed as a chronic lifelong progressive disease that eventually affects other vital organs including brain, heart, kidneys, limbs and eyes.

Goal of diabetes treatment

The goal of diabetes treatment is to eliminate symptoms and to prevent or delay the development of complications. The current treatment guidelines therefore focus on controlling blood glucose along with lipids, blood pressure, and obesity. For this, an approach that considers therapies beyond medications is necessary.

The latest diabetes care guidelines also recommend comprehensive medical evaluation and assessment of comorbidities, obesity management, assessment of risk for heart disease, foot care, eye care, involvement of diabetes technology, and overall lifestyle changes.

Based on the latest guidelines in diabetes care AMSYS Heart and Diabetes clinic has designed following integrated approach.

Diabetes treatment approach at Amsys clinic

Amsys clinic believes in evidenced-based treatment for diabetes and follows a holistic approach based on latest guidelines.

1. Accurate diagnosis

Diabetes diagnosis is confirmed based on specific laboratory tests at a clinic setting. If you present with some early symptoms of diabetes, your doctor may ask you to do one or more of the following tests,

  • HbA1c 
  • Fasting plasma glucose test (FPG)
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
  • Random Plasma Glucose Test

2. Consultation with diabetes expert

  • Your lab results and symptoms confirm if you have diabetes
  • Our experts suggest healthy lifestyle changes and may recommend glucose lowering medications

At our clinic we give importance to one to one interaction between patient and diabetes experts. You get a chance to describe your anxieties, fear and solve any queries you have about your condition.

3. Lifestyle change counselling

Lifestyle interventions can reduce,

  • HbA1c by 1%–2% 
  • Improve serum cholesterol levels
  • Reduce weight

AMSYS clinic believes in holistic treatment and so our experts prescribe daily exercise time and diet changes to every patient. You may also be referred to a dietician for a special diet plan.

4. Assessment of complications

  • Diabetes slowly affects vital organs such as heart, brain, kidneys, eyes and foot.
  • Risk assessment for complications is important when you have diabetes.

AMSYS clinic recommends all the patients with diabetes to go for regular eye check-up and dilatated eye check-up at least once in a year. Similarly, we conduct regular foot assessments, blood pressure measurement, neck vessel test for risk of stroke, blood lipid analysis and other important screening tests on regular basis.

5. Assessment of co-morbidities

  • Diabetes commonly presents with other co-morbid conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, kidney disease and depression.
  • Almost 75% of adults with diabetes have high blood pressure, and 40% have kidney disease and 60 to 80% die due to heart disease.

Experts at our clinic carefully look at the possibility of ‘cardio-diabetes’ in patients so that the treatment approach can focus on managing both the conditions. We also perform screening for identifying risk of other common co-morbidities. Patients at risk get consultation from nephrologist, neurologist, diabetes foot expert, and ophthalmologist at our clinic.